"It was truly beautiful and brought the house down – almost literally, as we were having to hold on to the production equipment in the AV booth from the applause! We have had so many calls, emails, face book & web site comments about how fantastic the night was, that it is going to be pretty hard to top for Melbourne next year."
Colleen Lethbridge
Production and Media Manager / Equitana
"The event went brilliantly. Thanks to a stellar performance by the girls, we fully surpassed our clients expectations. The dragons were mesmerized, and were clapping their hands along with the performance, so we knew for sure they really did enjoy it. The girls were such professionals, even when we threw a curveball into the mix (by adding in the Indonesian drummers so last-minute), they took it in their stride, and performed like true angels."
Simren Panoo
Banking Event, Bali
"The girls were fantastic!!!! On time, very professional, easy to work with, accommodating, lovely presence on stage, fun, interactive… and most of all the music was lovely and worked very well with the clientele and the venue. I would highly recommend the girls and it would be a pleasure to work with them again."
Claire Warner
The Meetings Manager
"The String Angels were superb and I’ve had a lot of people say they would have liked to hear more from them. I’d certainly recommend them to anyone who wanted a first class act for an important occasion."
Jon Grahame
Blue Mountains Biznet
"They were fantastic. All our staff and guests enjoyed them very much. Everyone kept asking where we found them! Amazing job. Thank you very much to you and the Angels."
Melinda Jaksic
Kinetic IT
“The girls are extremely talented & professional. To say they had a room full of security engineers and consultants standing stock still for twenty minutes with their jaws on the floor would be somewhat of an understatement.”
Belinda Marsh
ADT Security
"The String Angels captivated the audience immediately and got the night off to an energetic exciting start."
Susan Mozell
Chairman / Five Chefs Dinner Committee
"The String Angels were an absolute dream, both to work with and the feedback from our customers, centre management staff and retailers. ‘Those girls with the violins, brilliant!’ ‘Where’d you get them? They are so ‘The Chase’!’ We couldn’t be happier, so thank you!"
Natalie Caldwell
Chatswood Chase
"OMG!!!!!! The String Angels were absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!! Everyone just loved the performance. The Angels are truly special ladies and really pulled out all the stops to make this such a special evening - comments from the guests all extremely blown away and loved it!"
Gayle Garmaz
Exquisite Weddings NZ
"The Angels were fantastic and a highlight of our event. The performance ignited the room and set the right mood."
Graham Sachse
Law Society of NSW